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I SO FORGOT ABOUT HIM. When my peer group forced me at the young age of seven to watch Stargate I really really appreciate this wonderful androgynous person of color who was the actor of evil Ra. And to think that it took me such a long time to overcome white supremacist thinking and hetero_sexism to understand what White Supremacy did when they made a movie about white people saving brown people from their brown overtly femme-looking oppressor.

And the actor’s name is Jaye Davidson and he has a ghanaian father and an english mother and he is gay <3. And on Wikipedia you can read about him: »Davidson identifies as gay, but does not feel a part of the gay community. “Homosexual men love very masculine men,” he said in an interview after The Crying Game came out. “And I’m not a very masculine person. I’m reasonably thin. I have long hair, which isn’t very popular with gay men.«

Here’s to you, beautiful femme-looking person. <3

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